Cancellation, Return and Refund

We Understand That There Will Be Genuine Reasons When You Decide To Cancel An Order. You May Cancel Your Order Before Delivery By Calling Customer Care Number 919655099899. During request conveyance, Mednxtdoor conveyance group demands each client to check the substance and give an affirmation affirming the rightness and culmination of the request. If there should arise an occurrence of any inconsistencies including altered request box or substance, kindly caution the conveyance group or call us on our client care number 9655099899 for goal. When the request is checked and recognized by the client, the request in full or part cannot be returned except if there is a deformity in the conveyed request which is profoundly impossible. All profits and discounts will occur in relation to the items discounted. On the off chance that there are part things fitting the bill for returns and discounts, it is constantly handled for the full request and receipt. We would not deal with fractional conveyance or returns.

Return Process

In case You’re Order Is Suitable For A Return Based On The Conditions Above, You Can Raise A Request Within Thirty (30) Days From The Date Of Delivery. For Details On How To Contact Us For A Return, Please Visit Here. If it’s not too much trouble, Note That All Returns Are Reviewed For Eligibility. All Refunds Are Subject To The Verification And Review By Our Returns Team.

Non-Availability/Suitability of Products

On the off chance that Any Of The Items On Your Prescription Are Not Available, Or Are Not Suitable For Dispensing Through This Service, We Will Try To Contact You Using The Information In Your Registration To Inform You About The Same.